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Birds & Animals

Boehm features a variety of finely sculpted porcelain figurines, including exotic animals and birds. Every sculpture that we carry is handmade and unique in its own way. There is also a huge selection, with 100 types of birds available alone.


We apply a degree of realism to our porcelain flowers that cannot be mimicked by our competitors. Every petal on each flower is crafted to be as thin as an actual flower petal. These life-like sculptures make stunning centerpieces for any room.

Awards & Corporate Gifts

All of our corporate awards are made with the same unflinching dedication to detail that we give our animals and flowers. Whether the award is for an individual or a team, we are able to make it exactly to your specifications. Ask about having us create more personalized gifts as well.

Who We Are

Based in Trenton, New Jersey, for more than 65 years, Boehm porcelain remains the undisputed best in high-end porcelain art sculptures. Our eagle statues can be found in the White House to this day, and other pieces of ours can be seen at the Smithsonian or 130 other museums around the world. Not only do we continue to make everything here in the US, but we've also expanded to offer a restoration department that fixes your broken pieces.

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